International Conference on Carbon Recycling 2020

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

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Message from VIPs

  • Prof. Hidetoshi NISHIMURA, President of Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

Companies or technologies related in Carbon Recycling

  • Introduction of Carbon Recycling Fund Institute Carbon Recycling Fund Institute

    CRF established under a private sector, aims to spread carbon recycling in the society.

  • J-POWER 'Energy for the Future' Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd.

    For achieving a stable supply of electricity while tackling climate change, we aim for CO2-free in coal usage.

  • Innovation Japan: Fueling Jet Aircraft With Microalgae euglena Co.,Ltd.

    The development activities of biofuels

  • Hitachi Zosen's Methanation System Hitachi Zosen Corporation

    Hitz's technology for effective CO2 utilization. We contribute to the "Carbon Recycling" with this technology.

  • Idemitsu's activities on carbon recycling technology Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.

    Introduction of Idemitsu's activities for low-carbon solutions focused on carbon recycling technology

  • NEDO-CO2 utilization (CO2-Methanation) R&D Project by INPEX INPEX Corporation

    INPEX aims to commercialize CO2 methanation through the NEDO-CO2 utilization technology project.

  • Mitsubishi Corporation CCU business overview Mitsubishi Corporation

    Mitsubishi Corporation CCU business overview

  • Advanced Energy Technologies towards 'Beyond Zero Society' Mitsubishi Power, Ltd.

    IGCC (Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle), Gasification and CO2 removal technologies are introduced.

  • Introduction of research and development of CO2 utilization technology in AIST National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

    Introduction of research and development of CO2 utilization technology in AIST

  • Steel slag utilization to marine environmental restoration and its application to blue carbon ecosystem Nippon Steel Corporation

    Steel can be reused many times and steel slag can be also reused as the marine environmental restoration material.

  • Effective CO2 capture technology - OASE(R) New products from plastic waste: 'ChemCycling project'
    BASF Japan Co., Ltd. ①

    BASF has over 50 years of experience in gas treatment industry with more than 400 successful projects worldwide

    BASF Japan Co., Ltd. ②

    BASF contributes to circular economy by chemical recycling of plastic waste, ChemCycling™ project

  • Introduction of Chiyoda Corporation's SPERA Hydrogen(R) (Key Technology for De-carbonization) Chiyoda Corporation

    Chiyoda Corporation is promoting SPERA Hydrogen® to contribute to De-carbonization of the global society.

  • From Tomakomai to the World, Demonstrating State-of-the-Art CCS Technology & Looking to the Future Japan CCS Co., Ltd.

    Short movie highlighting the features of the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project from the project startup through achievement of 300 thousand tons of cumulative injection

  • CO2 recovery using DDR-type zeolite membrane system JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION NGK INSULATORS, LTD.

    It accelerates CO2 recycle and reduces environmental impact in Oil & Gas development utilizing CO2 EOR and gas processing.

  • Innovative production technology to convert 'waste' to 'ethanol' SEKISUI CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd.

    SEKISUI CHEMICAL aims to create a recycling social system by producing plastics and others from waste.

  • Introduction of Photocatalysis International Research Center Tokyo University of Science

    This video is the introduction of Photocatalysis International Research Center, which opened at 2013 in Noda Campus on Tokyo University of Science. Professor Akira Fujishima introduces the outline and activities in details.

  • Blue Ammonia/Hydrogen-A sustainable path to a hydrogen society and a circular carbon economy The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

    This video is the introduction of the demonstration test for establishing the Blue Ammonia/Hydrogen supply chain and concept, which are led by the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan and Saudi Aramco.

  • DNP Focused on the Creation of New Recycling Loop Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

    Aiming to build a new resource recycling system and reduce CO2

  • Mizuho's sustainability initiatives Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

    This video introduces Mizuho's approach to sustainability and efforts related to the SDGs.

  • What is dredging ? WAKACHIKU CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.

    Introduction of dredging work and environment-friendly grab dredging vessel and all-swivel hoisting vessel

  • Burn the carbon dioxide ! Aonbarr Inc.

    We are going to get a magnesium from sea water. We take advantage of the fact that the magnesium can burn with carbon dioxide to achieve both immobilization and power generation. On the other hand, we try to change carbon dioxide to liquid fuel.

  • Demonstration test of energy-saving CO2 capture at coal-fired power station Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    Introducing a plan of a demonstration for energy-saving CO2 capture at coal-fired power station.

Companies support the idea of Carbon Recycling

  • Bengala Techno Lab.
    Bengala Techno Lab.

    The system consists of a method of generating carbon-free slaked lime to synthesize caustic soda (step 1) and a treatment method to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of combustion flue gas (step 2).

  • Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
    Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)

    CRIEPI is developing technology for high-efficiency power generation with CO2 capture and technologies for CO2 conversion and mineralization.

  • IHI Coporation
    IHI Coporation

    Introducing IHI's solutions for Carbon Recycling such as CO2 capture (Oxyfuel combustion & chemical adsorption), hydrogen/syngas production and methanation/olefin synthesis.

  • Japan Coal Energy Center
    Japan Coal Energy Center

    JCOAL Carbon Recycling Activities


    HiPACT®plant (NIS a.d. Novi Sad, Serbia)
    It recovers CO2 at high pressures from natural gas and synthesis gas, enabling cost reduction and energy saving in CCUS.

  • JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation
    JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation

    CO2 EOR (CCUS) Project can reduce CO2 released to the air by capturing CO2 in the flue gas emitted by power production and increase oil production by injecting CO2 to the matured oil reservoir.

  • Mitsubishi Power,LTD
    Mitsubishi Power,LTD

    Research for CCU to produce methanol by using captured CO2 at the Tomakomai CCS Plant from FY2020 to FY 2021.

  • MUFG Bank, Ltd
    MUFG Bank, Ltd

    As part of our sustainable business, we will contribute to the promotion of Carbon Recycling with our customers.

  • Nippon Steel Corporation
    Nippon Steel Corporation

    Aiming to construct an effective solid catalyst process for the synthesis of polycarbonate diols directly from CO2 and diols.

  • Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
    Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

    Toppan is bolstering GHG reduction and other environmental initiatives for a sustainable society.

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